I'm Razzaq Manley, a photographer based in Northern NJ and NYC. I became  interested in photography seriously in 2009, with a passion for capturing the personal moments in my life and the life of my friends and family. Through that passion I gained a greater understanding for the technical portions of photography and my hobby grew into a small business. With the help and support of my wife and business partner, Chenelle, I’ve set out to grow this business and further my skills.

It is my belief that by providing the best image of yourself and your family just as you currently are, is something that's important for your self image and the historical value. A portrait is not just meant for models and actors but for anyone who wants to present themselves in the best way possible to further their goals and endeavors, or to just have a beautiful image to look back at and enjoy.

I subscribe to the theory that “If the reason why you are doing anything creative is to make a living then you are doing it wrong.”

So take a look at my portfolio and book a session today. I can’t wait to capture you.